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The premiere Caricature Events Service of the Twin Cities

Lucas Chamberlain presents a drawingI offer the best in live caricature entertainment in and around the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Caricatures are fun cartoon drawings that capture a person's likeness through exaggeration of their features. They are a great way to entertain a crowd of any age.

Anytime you've got a large group of people gathered together for an event it's a good idea to hire an entertainer, like me. I specialize in drawing at events in and around Minnesota's twin cities metro area, and will travel to any gig on earth (you buy, I fly). People hire me, and my associates, for all types of get togethers like: birthdays, weddings, graduations and many more.

live drawings in action


I have been a professional caricature artist since 1996 and in those years I've drawn something like 30,000 drawings (it's getting hard to count them anymore). All that drawing and time add up to one thing you won't find in every caricature artist... EXPERIENCE.

There is good reason to hand pick the artist that you hire to entertain your guests, and my reputation of pleasing crowds is top notch. I know how please a crowd with good drawings that catch a striking likeness.

Take a look through the pages of this website to get a better idea of the work I do and how I can help you at your next big event!

My Service Area

Map of service area

My service area includes Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.
Even if your event is outside this area I am available to fly to your destination.

Are You Ready to Hire The Best Artists for Your Event?

Dinosaur saying you will roar with laughter

Looking to entertain your guests with the most talented artists available? Get access to the midwest's most experienced, talented, and professional caricature artists right here on this website. I book the best caricaturists in gigs all accross Minnesota, Wisonsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas! Whatever your event, if you need professional and experienced artists and entertainers that can really DRAW A CROWD click the calender to block out your event and we'll get you a competitive quote right away. Book an artist for your event! Not sold yet? Take a look at the portfolio section to see my live and studio work.

Tiny man from Philly Big man from Philly

Over 30,000 served

After nearly twenty years of professional drawing I've drawn a lot of these things. You may have seen me at: The Iowa State Fair, The Minnesota State Fair, The New York State Fair, The North Carolina State Fair, The New Jersey State Fair, The Big E, and many more...


Most Satisfied Cutomers

I can't tell you how many times people have thanked me for my work. I've learned how to make people happy over the years. I strive to keep things fun, without hurting anyone's feelings.

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Reasonable Pricing

If you've ever hired an entertainer through an agency you know how expensive it can be. Often times you end up paying nearly twice as much as the entertainer's actual fee! I work directly with talented artists and entertainers to get the best price for you AND the artist.

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